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Ithaca is People: Sarah Wagner

November 14, 2016

In Sarah's first year in Ithaca, it's obvious she's gotten all the Ithaca and Tompkins County "buzzwords" down: Buttermilk, Treman, Hopshire, Finger Lakes Cider House, the Farmers Market. And that's just the beginning. Read on for a fresh perspective of Ithaca, through the eyes of a Cornell Lab of Ornithology Course Developer / homemade cider maker!

Ithaca is People: Randi Millman-Brown

November 7, 2016

Having lived in Ithaca for 23 years, Randi Millman-Brown knows a thing or two about Ithaca and Tompkins County. Having raised two kids here, she's literally written the book on family fun in New York, and knows a thing or two about family offerings in the area. This week, Randi shares some of her favorite memories in Ithaca and Tompkins County, as well as some family fun ideas!

Ithaca is People: Hobit LaFaye

October 17, 2016

Hobit LaFaye's photographs speak for themselves. Inspired by nature, people, and sometimes a double rainbow, Hobit's world looks just as magical as anything J.R.R. Tolkien could have imagined himself. And yes, that is her real name. :) Read on for our interview with the ever-elusive Hobit.

Ithaca is People: Kelly Makosch

October 5, 2016

“Ithaca is GORGES” But who, or what, KEEPS Ithaca gorgeous? This week, Kelly Makosch, Director of Development and Communications at Finger Lakes Land Trust, shares how FLLT works to conserve natural areas in Tompkins County and surrounding areas. And what better week for an organization that’s centered in preserving natural beauty than peak leafpeeping season? Read on to hear how you can support their mission.

Ithaca is People: Downtown Ithaca

September 26, 2016

Fall is here, and with it comes the area's largest celebration of harvest, right in the Downtown Ithaca Commons. Head to The Commons this Friday, September 30 - Sunday, October 2, 2016 to enjoy local, seasonal food and entertainment. Read on for more details!

Ithaca is People: Olivia Royale

September 21, 2016

You may not know who she is (yet), but you've likely seen her unique, homemade apparel and accessories while out and about in Ithaca. Olivia Royale, our #IthacaIsPeople Instagrammer of the week, is the owner and "maker" behind The Art and Found, and she's got a major a passion for fashion and love for her local artisan comrades. Fall is almost here, so grab one of her stylish knitted hats and get ahead of the game!

5 Things to Do For Parents' Weekend 2016

September 20, 2016

Parents’ Weekend marks the midpoint of the semester. It’s a chance to wind down for a weekend and spend some much needed time with the family. And what better place to wind down than Ithaca? Here’s everything you need for an amazing Parents’ Weekend in the Heart of the Finger Lakes. Come for your kid, and stay an extra day for you!

Ithaca is People: Jay Potter

September 14, 2016

This week Jay Potter, Graphic Designer for the Cornell Plantations, has taken over @visitithaca on Instagram! Wander through Ithaca's largest "hidden gem" as Jay takes us through botanical gardens, a massive arboretum, trails, and nature preserves that cover hundreds of acres throughout our town. The #IthacaisPeople Files: Jay Potter September 13, 2016 Graphic designer for the Cornell Plantations, Jay Potter is passionate about his job. Maybe that's because he gets to discover every square

Ithaca is People: Samantha Abrams

September 5, 2016

You might call it a happy accident. Who knew that when Samantha Abrams was learning the art of healthy macaroon-making from Ian Gaffney that the tasty little snack would be the beginning of a long and fruitful journey to being one of Ithaca's most popular health food lines? See how Emmy's Organics went from Ian's mom's kitchen to the operation it is today!

Ithaca is People: Gio Santacroce

August 22, 2016

Through Gio’s lens, Ithaca has always been the ideal place to call home. Follow along as this behind-the-camera guy takes center stage as this week’s #IthacaisPeople takeover, showcasing Ithaca and Tompkins County through film, and a relative newcomer’s eye.

Ithaca is People: Casey Martin

August 15, 2016

Take a look at Ithaca through the eyes of Casey Martin, Director of Marketing for one of Ithaca's oldest, most popular venues for music, comedy, magic and much, much more. He's hung out with some of the greatest talents of our time, and he happens to be the latest to take over @VisitIthaca on Instagram in our #IthacaisPeople series. Read our interview with Casey below to find out why Spoon is the coolest, Wilco rocks, and Elvis Costello thinks the State Theater is to die for!

Ithaca is People: Amy Cohen

August 8, 2016

This week's @VisitIthaca Instagrammer is turning Ithaca upside down! Literally. Founder of Circus Culture, Amy Cohen can be found helping people young and old learn the art of tightwire, juggling, and building massive human pyramids. Follow her all week long on Instagram, and read the interview below to find out why "Ithaca is Circus", and maybe even catch a glimpse of doing what she loves best: balancing large objects on her chin. No lie.

Ithaca is People: Allison Usavage

August 1, 2016

Community focused photographer. When we asked our latest @VisitIthaca #IthacaisPeople takeover to describe herself in three words, the answer was simple. And we couldn't agree more. Allison Usavage has pioneered the modern way to be a village storyteller. Through her series of photos for farms and "glamp sites," bakeries and Wizarding Weekends, Allison uniquely ties together what many feel is that indescribable feeling of Ithaca.

Ithaca is People: Sweet Melissa

July 25, 2016

She's not just Melissa anymore. This week's @VisitIthaca Instagrammer is now referred to as "Sweet Melissa", after the infamous Ithaca ice cream shop she and her husband opened years ago. In our most recent interview, we discovered just how fitting the name is. Full of laughter, smiles, and gratitude, we think she just might be one of the secret ingredients that make those addictive frozen treats what Ithacans of all ages line up for in droves.!

Ithaca is People: Emma Pure

July 18, 2016

Emma Pure is a free spirit, having traveled to locations as far as Europe and Asia, with upcoming plans to visit Ghana... and she's only 22! An expert on the art of "glamping" (you'll have to read our interview below if you want to know what that means), Emma also has the ability to create something beautiful out of things that are otherwise ordinary. That's why we thought she was the perfect pick for this week's @VisitIthaca Instagram takeover.

Ithaca is People: Wendy Houseworth

July 11, 2016

It's Monday. Everyone's favorite day of the week. Well, we happen to have the perfect antidote to the "Monday blues", brought to you by Wendy Houseworth, this week's @VisitIthaca Instagrammer. Let her beautiful landscapes and thoughtful captions whisk you away to a place of calmness, stillness, and awareness through the gorgeous moments she captures today, and every day for the entire week. Follow us on Instagram to catch a glimpse of Ithaca through Wendy's eyes, and read on for an interview that wi

Ithaca is People: Chris Ray

July 4, 2016

A wildlife and forest conservationist by trade and a dedicated family man, Chris Ray finds it essential to share the wonders of the outdoors with his children. When he's not taking care of the kiddies, he can be found in just about any natural nook-and-cranny in town taking killer snapshots... or rolling down a giant hill to a local craft brewpub.

Ithaca is People: Genna Hartung

June 27, 2016

A budding photographer with a propensity towards fitness and the outdoors, this girl runs Ithaca. Well... not in the traditional sense, but she does pack in about 60 miles of running on our trails, in our parks, and through our gorges every week. Oh, we're sorry, did that make you feel a slight twinge of guilt for skipping the gym this morning? Well, that's nothing. You should see what she does on her off days. Follow us on Instagram to tag along with Genna on her daily excursions, and read on for an i

Ithaca is People: Ellie Renee

June 20, 2016

You may already recognize this week’s @VisitIthaca Instagrammer from seeing her around town. If not, you may already be following her on Instagram. If not, it’s about time you did. Ellie Renee is a lighthearted Ithaca “newbie” who has taken her yoga practice to the next level, posing in front of public murals throughout Ithaca and Trumansburg. She’s no joke, going so far as to contemplate getting one of her favorite pieces tattooed on her body (for reals). But don’t take our word for it… read

Ithaca is People: Brian Maley

June 13, 2016

Think you know Ithaca? Think again. No matter how many waterfalls, gorges, and natural wonders you’ve visited, Brian Maley has you beat. We had the pleasure of chatting with the local photographer, who’s next to take over our @VisitIthaca Instagram account. This week, he’ll be bringing you along on a journey through the unique natural areas he explores on a regular basis. Follow us on Instagram to discover Ithaca like you’ve never seen it before - through the lense of Brian Maley.

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