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8 Brainy Sites in the Greater Ithaca area
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Discover Ithaca – Discover the World! Visit 8 educational sites celebrating connections of art, history, literature, science & nature. Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Migration Celebration October 18, 10 am - 3 pm, highlights the incredible migrations of birds. Free admission.

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Enjoy Local Downtown Restaurants

We crunched the numbers and it's true: Ithaca, NY has more restaurants per capita than New York City. It's a delicious statistic that hints at the variety of local restaurants and tells us something fundamental in the Ithaca psyche--Ithacans are passionate about food. Cornell University and Ithaca College are partly responsible. The schools attract an adventurous audience of worldly palates, giving chefs carte blanche to create bold, inventive menus. The Moosewood Restaurant, famous for its award-winning vegetarian cookbooks, has been an Ithaca landmark since 1973 and has become one of our popular attractions. Ithaca is also the birthplace of the ice cream sundae, created by a local fountain owner Chester Platt and Unitarian reverend John Scott on April 3, 1892. Stir in a healthy portion of fresh ingredients from nearby farms and you get local cuisine that measures itself by global standards. It's a refreshing discovery in small-town America, something The New York Times noticed in 2008, calling Ithaca a "gastronomic oasis." While we love culinary hyperbole, we think you'll enjoy tasting for yourself. Bon appétit.
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