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Ithaca Events: Getting Started & FAQs

What happened to my listing on the old IthacaEvents website?

We’ve imported all of the venues and events that existed on the old website. If your information was listed on the old site, it should already be populated into the new site.

To request administrator rights to an event previously posted on, please email


How do I submit an event?

Sign up at Once there, click "Submit an Event" on the right-hand side of the calendar. Fill out the submission form as completely as you can. Here are a few tips:

Descriptions:  Events need descriptions so that people know what they're all about. This is a required field. Include at least a sentence or so telling people about what's happening at your event. Submissions that don't have a complete description will not be accepted.

Event Place:  All venues previously listed on the old events calendar have been migrated to the new calendar. Start typing the name of the event venue, and it should automatically show up in the drop-down menu, including the associated street address. If not, simply type in the location of the event. If your venue does not drop-down as an “Event Place”, please see the next FAQ for further information.


What happens after I submit an event?

After you submit an event, our Events Review team will edit and approve your event. This will typically happen within 24 hours of your event being submitted (except weekends and holidays). Right now, we do not allow events to skip the pending queue. If you need events (or cancellations) to show up faster, contact us and we will try to accommodate.

Again, fill out as many of the fields as accurately as possible. If you do not provide enough information about your event, you may receive an email notification that the submission has been rejected by our Events Review team.


What qualifies my business as a “Place to Go”?

Please note that Ithaca Events is an events calendar, not a business listing platform. A “Place” is, essentially, an event venue. In order for your business to qualify for a Place listing, it must hold frequent or regularly scheduled events.

If you have a business that does not host events regularly, but you have a special event you would like listed, you can still submit the event, and link back to your business and event web page. It will appear in the calendar just as any other event would, but you would not have a specific Place page that lists your business as an event venue.

Example 1:  A restaurant does not necessarily qualify as a “Place to Go”. However, if that restaurant hosts a weekly live music event, an open mic night, or something of the sort, that may constitute an event venue status, therefore making it eligible for a Place listing.

Example 2:  A café does not host regular events. However, it is hosting an opening reception for an art show next month. This event can still be submitted, and links/photos of the business and the event will be included in the listing, just as any other event. It will appear in the calendar, but the business would not have its own listing as a Place on Ithaca Events.


How do I check to see if my venue is listed as a “Place to Go”?  If it’s not, how do I get my venue listed on a “Places” page?

Click “Places to Go” on the right-hand sidebar of the main Ithaca Events web page. You will see a list of all venues for which a “Place” page already exists.

If you do not see your venue listed, please email us at with the venue name, description, website, address, phone number, hours, and a photo, and we will review the information before creating a Place page for your venue.


How do I sell tickets to my event?

The VisitIthaca events calendar isn't an event registration site. However, there is a field where you can link to your ticket sales directly on the event submission form.


What are the appropriate photo dimensions to include with a submission?

Images look their best at a high resolution, 4:3 ratio. If you are unable to accommodate those guidelines, just send us what you have and we will make appropriate adjustments. We do recommend a rectangular, landscape-oriented image, as you will see in our new calendar.

Keep in mind that if you would like to supply an image that is portrait-oriented (a flier, for example), the image on the Event Page will pop out upon clicking it, making the entire image visible.

Again, send us what you can and we will adjust for you so it looks its best!


How do I share my event on social media?

Once your event has been created and approved, you should see a list of social media icons displayed on the left-hand side of your screen. Simply click on an icon, and directly share from there!


For additional questions, contact


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