Coffee in Ithaca, NY

Serious coffee with a warm welcome. You will find Ithaca has plenty of places to go for a classic brewed coffee or creative espresso drink, along with decadent pastries and treats to accompany your caffeine boost. Look for local featured roasters in cafes, restaurants, and inns. Find your favorite among these,  or plan a coffee tour around the city. With four local roasters and more than a dozen independently owned places to grab your morning cup of joe, Ithaca’s coffee scene is thriving.

Ithaca Coffee Company has been in operation for nearly 40 years, while the well-recognized Gimme! Coffee has been roasting for more than 20 years and now has four cafés open throughout the county. Newer additions to the local roasters list – Copper Horse Coffee Roasters and Forty Weight Coffee Roasters – are enjoying a growing reputation as well, and all of them have gained followings outside of Tompkins County.

Tip: Local coffee is a great perk of the Ithaca Farmers Market, enjoy brewed coffee and chat with local roasters during your visit to the market.

Outside of the roasters, there are many other unique spots to get your caffeine fix, including Press Café’s space in Press Bay Alley, Botanist Coffeehouse’s plant- and flower-filled space, Chatty Cathy Café by Cornell University, and a feline-and-coffee experience at Alley Cat Café.

With so many options to choose from, it’s safe to say Ithaca can meet your coffee needs – for whatever vibe you seek.