Ithaca Beer Company This Ithaca classic offers takeout, curbside pickup, and outdoor dining in their beautiful beer garden.


Fine dining or fast casual. Bakeries or pubs. Whatever type of dining you're looking for, find it here in Ithaca & Tompkins County!

Enjoy Foodie Paradise

We crunched the numbers, and it's true: Ithaca, NY has more restaurants per capita than New York City! It's a delicious statistic that hints at the variety of local restaurants and tells us something fundamental in the Ithaca psyche – Ithacans are passionate about food. Whether you are searching for classic American bar & grill-style food or fine dining and Italian, there's a restaurant to enjoy. Have an adventurous appetite? Ithaca features an incredibly diverse lineup of restaurants, including Mediterranean, Ethiopian, and Asian-inspired options. You'll also find creative bartenders mixing up signature cocktails utilizing seasonal flavors. With the incredible variety of dining options here, you'll need to visit more than once.

Ithaca Area Dining Highlights

If you are interested in brunch, check out these options

Creative Vegetarian/Vegan Menu Options

  • Moosewood Restaurant - 215 N Cayuga St, Ithaca, with outdoor seating available
  • Northstar House - 202 E Falls St, Ithaca, with outdoor seating available
  • Thai Basil - 118 W State St, Ithaca
  • Hawi Ethiopian Restaurant - 113 S Cayuga St, Ithaca

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