Cascadilla Gorge Trail

Originally preserved and donated to Cornell University by Robert Treman in 1909, Cascadilla Gorge offers a picturesque walk from the heart of downtown Ithaca to the Cornell campus. Cascadilla Creek drops 400 feet from campus, with the Cascadilla Gorge Trail following the waterway and highlighting a number of water features along the way.

The historic set of stone trails and staircases along the first one-third of a mile section of the trail was constructed in the late-1920s and takes visitors through a gorge made of ancient bedrock and past six waterfalls. This section of the trail takes about an hour to complete at a leisurely pace, but is closed during the winter months. Beyond this, once the trail crosses College Avenue, another half-mile of trail continues to follow Cascadilla Creek and over two footbridges that allow for more stunning views.

Directions to Cascadilla Gorge

Access to the Cascadilla Gorge Trail is available at the Treman Triangle on Linn St (just off Court St) in downtown Ithaca, and behind the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts (430 College Ave, Ithaca) on the Cornell University campus.

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